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Sprite Companion and Profession Packs

How to locate Sprite Companion: Press "Y" in-game, click on the "Companions" tab on the left, then select “Special.”

Don’t be fooled because of the size the Sprite companion. This mobile and aggressive archer, rabidly pursues evil creatures to rid Faer?n ones. There're even known to partner with adventurers to combat great evils.The sprite companion has initial power points in Power, Critical Strike, and Armor Penetration, as well as two offense slots the other defense slot for Runestones. Being a purple quality companion, the sprite carries a Max Rank of 30, to provide four skins by which to pick.

Where to locate Profession Packs: Press "Y" in-game, click the "Professions" tab on the left.

Require a few extra resources to accomplish your following profession task? Wish to speed your profession times with Rank 3 assets? Make sure you except time you should create the very best items and gear with Professions Asset Packs and Professions Booster Packs. Both packs is going to be available at 25% off due to this week only.How to find Rename Token: Press "Y" in-game, click the "Services” tab around the left, then select “All”.

Monday, February 10, 2014

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