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Which Neverwinter Class Better for Tanking

Now, could the neverwinter guardian fighter and great weapon fighter class have a similar paragon path Iron Vanguard and Swordmaster. I play guardian fighter tanking within this game, but someone said the truly amazing weapon fighter is more preferable for tanking. So, how do you think and which class better for tanking in D&D neverwinter?

Aggro Management
Neverwinter guardian fighter tanking has easy getting aggro on mobs and keeping aggro, but great weapon fighter has difficulty, they may be better handling hordes off add and shrugging off damage.

We say great weapon fighter is really a tank but they're not real tank, since they are unable to intercept any incoming damage within the party, along with the aggro management to bring up. But it makes no difference, the important thing they've got high DPS in neverwinter all the high-end dungeons. Personal think in low-mediocre skill and gear racket guardian fighter surpasses great weapon fighter tanking and GWF relies upon on gear. But once they reach the quality level, the value of GF will falls off and also the GWF can be a larger because DPS would be the king there.

Tank can be quite useful for the ultimate ends of dungeons, where they have got little possibility to healing and damage mitigation abilities on their own. A fish tank’s job would be to protect their teammates. Neverwinter guardian fighter and great weapon fighter both work just the thing for PvE dungeons, just will depend on in the event you prefer more DPS and up Tanky.

Last, Should you actually want to go tank i propose pure damage spec GF equip pure tank gear. GF provides the threat (+100% threat to marked targets) as well as the game is ruled by damage. Knight's Valor (encounter) and Enhanced Mark (class feature) and pick up the many adds within the room of Valindra’s Tower. But the GWF can't do they don't have ranged threat generating powers. If you possibly could do good damage and tank and hold threat players, you will better than any GWF in a party.

Friday, January 10, 2014

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