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A few D&D Neverwinter Alliance System Thoughts

With the alliance up-date coming this week, the guild activities within the official forum and guiding the scenes are getting increasingly more serious. Several alliances have also been formally formed. I want to go through the action that already happened and also generally talk about the alliance system in general. cheap NeverWinter gold,to enhance your equipment and enjoy the passtion of the game!


For those that somehow missed this news: Neverwinter will get a great alliance system this Mondy (June 7) that will allow up to 13 guilds to team up in a hierarchic system, share their marketplaces as well as playerbase and run the particular Dragonflight event together. There are three sections: Helm, Sword and Gauntlet. Any alliance can have got one Helm guild, three Sword guilds and also nine Gauntlet guilds. Helm guilds get a structure discount good combined level of all Guild Hall’s inside alliance, Gauntlet guilds mainly the XP bonus and Sword a mix of both.


Helm guilds, which should be probably the most advanced guild in your alliance anyway, get the biggest composition discount. After all it’s small guilds that struggle to upgrade their Strongholds and can use a discount over anyone. I do however accept the dev that small guilds already have a significant upgrade in the ability to run Dragonflights with the alliance and the shared marketplace. That means they don’t necessarily desire a great bonus on top of it.


But I don’t think Helms need that particular discount either. It’s sort of a strange design decision regardless. The system really only works if more than one guilds are maxed and have to spend resources elsewhere to produce Guild Marks. Otherwise the incentives to share with you resources with another guild inside the alliance are low. That’s a bit regrettable, because I was wishing for a system that would allow guilds to work together to get individual goals faster. It’s not the case although everyone certainly passively benefits from being within the alliance.


I like the proposals looking to give the Helm wealth in certain shape or form and Gauntlets the best structure discount. It makes more sense in several areas. A higher alliance degree directly transfers to far more astral diamonds for players in the Helm guild, which creates a competition between donating for your guild’s coffer for guild progression and donating for the alliance for personal progression / wealth. Also the bonus doesn’t disappear when maxed as being a structure discount. Gauntlets and Swords would still need to eventually become a Helm guild every time they feel they’ve progressed adequate and want more wealth for their members.


Speaking of leaving alliances to rank up: I’m not sure there will be much movement within alliances. Neverwinter has a limited playerbase and a moving guild would have to find new partners that offered more advantages for them at Helm in comparison with their established alliance from Sword or Gauntlet. It’s not an easy task after the active guilds have found their spots.


One thing I’m thinking about is whether alliance chats could have the power to overtake the reign from the private ones. Next to item amount restrictions the channels have the advantage to group like-minded people in chats that aren’t tied to a guild size. The biggest ones unite 1000+ players and have absolutely 200-300 online anytime. Alliance chats could likely reach those numbers as well.


Overall the system has pretty strong pros and cons. I think it effectively prevents an issue where the big guilds merely band together, create the one alliance to get and call it every day. But it doesn’t by natural means encourage cross-donations and small guilds, that are just seeking like-minded partners, don’t get a whole lot outside the system as well.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

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