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  • 2014-09-15Luskan and Neverwinter
  • Luskan (LUSKAN)

    "We have never refused anything, so do not take away anything from our hands," Luskan, exiled paradise. It also has a more vivid name: Sails. Phelan Luskan is the largest port in the northern mainland, the city Longshehunza, pirates, thieves, aristocrats, businessmen maneuver in this situation every day, so this city is a veritable Sin City.

    Neverwinter (NEVERWINTER)

    "Night has to, courage immortal" Neverwinter is a civilized and not arrogant, prosperous, but not greedy, charming but not bizarre city. The walls surrounded the city, the main inhabitants are humans and half-elves. Because Pong Faer?n famous warm river - Neverwinter River built here four seasons Changchun, extremely suitable for human habitation. As master of here so the city is famous for, these works include colorful glass lamps, water clock and precise elegant jewelry. Neverwinter gardens are also prominent, it is watered by the river that no supernatural warm winter. Therefore, the market here is full of summer fruits, and flowers and dressed in winter is also vibrant. But a few years ago, a sudden disaster almost destroyed this beautiful city. Reconstruction of Neverwinter, to restore the former glory of the process of both players will be in the "Neverwinter online" is the most important mission.

  • 2014-09-15Where are you? "Neverwinter online" Birthplace
  • The world's first "Light Magic" online "Neverwinter online" (referred to as Neverwinter OL) is a treasure authorized child by the world of entertainment industry giant, the company Wizards of the Coast Dungeons copyright Producer, European and American classical mythology class single game "no Neverwinter Nights, "the latest sequel.

    "One soil to raise one person", "Neverwinter online" Faer?n has fourteen large birthplace for players to choose: pull dew Asia, Luskan, Neverwinter resistant color Riel, Ashenvale, fans Si Zhuonuo, Waterdeep, valleys, Cormier, Baldur's Gate, dragon coast, Moon Shadow Islands, and northern Amn Underdark.

    Each region has its own large culture and history, climate and landscape are different. This group of paintings from the next focus is the individual can experience the birthplace of beauty and style, players can first see it, feast for the eyes, secretly select their own favorite place as his own personal epic place to start writing ......

    Pull dew Asia (LURUAR)
    "I appreciate this justice, even if its owner is a half-lizard man," If each city is given an emotion, then pull the dew Asia is a fraternity city. It advocates forgiveness, love. It can use force to resist the invasion of powerful foreign enemies, but also spread the spirit of love to accept all virtuous people. Regardless of race and background, as long as you have a strong sense of morality, you can become a pull dew Asia.

  • 2014-09-10"Neverwinter"evolutionary history 2
  • 2014-09-03"Neverwinter"evolutionary history 1
  • 2014-08-29Neverwinter gold fraudulent occurrence event
  • 2014-08-27Evil Spider Queen Rose

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