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  • 2015-11-03Handicraft Before purchasing an Xbox Zen and Neverwinter Astral Diamonds
  • Currently, no winter's huge demand for Xbox 1 cheap diamond between players, especially in the leading industry awards Neverwinter Astral Diamonds PC version does not. Now Xbox 1 star diamond is so precious, players should clearly know that the game is over Zen Neverwinter.

    Changes in PC Astral diamonds will cause panic in the Xbox version

    Since Astral Diamonds changes will Xbox gamers on the PC Neverwinter sudden fear, overwhelmed by the Xbox's day. Therefore, it becomes a trend hoarding diamond astral never a winter sale for Xbox from Safewow. But this is a problem: how to take advantage of these cheap Neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox games. here is!

    New players exchange Astral Diamonds Zen

    Most new players will no doubt buy Zen and AD, they want to get the items Zen, bags, mounts, space banks race to unlock, VIP, etc. Of course, this is an indispensable stage level. The only suggestion is to stop when the new moderation.

    Experienced players should be developed with the advertising end of the game props

    No doubt, everyone wants to have all the Zen project. But more importantly, everyone knew he was needed at present. If you have a lot of Zen project, you need to start the process to end the game items, such as ah flip and industry components.
    To be honest, until you are ready to buy what you want Zen shop items you will not need any Zen. But for the final match, Diamond XBOX Neverwinter Astral will play a great role in promoting.



  • 2015-10-16Neverwinter fortress will come a November 3 Xbox
  • Neverwinter is huge and is about to get bigger seventh extended to free-to-play MMORPG will come to the Xbox, Tuesday, November 3rd. In addition to too many things, the task done, you will have the opportunity to battle knockouts and your guild grow quickly.

    Just buy cheap Neverwinter AD's Xbox ready!

    Growth in Neverwinter your guild stronghold of Xbox

    Eager for the traditional sense of Dungeons and Dragons? As its "analog-style, stronghold will reach those juices November 3 Xbox without winter a fire up nostalgic." It is cool to see Neverwinter: stronghold to take one aspect of D & D, and to provide for so many new Fans with, "Nathan Stewart, brand director, said Dungeons and Dragons." I look forward to a line of Xbox will see a large-scale PVP battle showdown. "
    In this expansion, you will be with the guild. You will fight the surrounding environment, gathering resources, recycling waste to maintain and strengthen to defend against attacks, and eventually launch a war against the enemy guild. Here, customization will not just cosmetic. On the contrary, the ultimate goal of building defenses and siege weapons is to serve the new PvP battle mode.
    Join in 20-vs-20 battles through the two strongholds maps

    Similar to the Neverwinter Stronghold PVP Sieges Features on PC, the battlegrounds on Xbox one will be created by combining two opposing stronghold maps, and three lanes.

    In the double size of area, the large-scale 20-vs-20 battle will be supported. You will get the opportunity to join other guild members and destroy the enemy team’s guild hall. However, the officials seem to be tight lipped about the potential rewards of beating opponents. The only thing we assure is that once the keep has been secured, guilds will work to solidify their foothold along the ranges of the Sword Coast.


  • 2015-09-30Neverwinter: Fortress Siege Expansion start
  • 2015-09-09Elemental Evil Neverwinter extended to Xbox brought changes September 8
  • 2015-08-28Buy Gold and Diamonds on PC or XBOX ONE
  • 2014-11-272X Seals Weekend Now Live!

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