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  • 2014-08-29Neverwinter gold fraudulent occurrence event
  • "Neverwinter" (neverwinter) today conducted an emergency maintenance, and it also makes a lot of players were puzzled, resulting in the maintenance of the reason is that hackers use to brush gold bug, perhaps so the operators also had to be game retreated. However, Perfect World's community manager, said at the forum, there is no correction of the game plan.

    "Neverwinter Nights ol" game screenshots

    Perfect World Community Manager also said that thanks to the community in a positive and attentive players, in their help makes the bug was quickly discovered, and has been repaired. Players need to be assured that the game will not be retreated, the official action will be taken against those who exploited this bug man.

    In May 2013 the game has just entered the "beta" Soon, one advantage of a bug fraudulent gold event had also occurred at a time when the game officials have had to take measures for correction of the game.

  • 2014-08-27Evil Spider Queen Rose
  • Rose never support any calculations or a dark elf to kill him with the family. She claimed that this is a family in order to clear the dark elves weak, so that the entire race to become more powerful, but she is cruel and temperamental tyrant actually suffer for the sake of others are on the sidelines. She is also careful to stop the Dark Elf society, public or extensive battle. She would never forgive a massive crowd of dark elves battle carried out, because that is a strength of ethnic consumption and impairment, but she also recognized those with a perfect plan, neat, and accounted for an overwhelming moment large-scale attack advantage.

    Rose expects her people smart, will be calculated, and aware of the dangers around them with their own advantages; she thinks emotion, weakness and love are completely useless things. She looked forward to her people be able to rule the entire Underdark (under the surface of the country), destroy all the enemies weak force in the conquest of the population. She also expects them to eventually invade and conquer the surface, not only to rule, but also kill all Corellon Lara Louisiana and all surface elves.

    Rose through her pastor to rule her people, Rose Pastor only by women to play, and rely on the composition of noble pedigree kinship. Pastor ruled oldest families, the young priest press age has its place, the auxiliary patriarch. Of course, each family member also contains non-priest, and the priest who rely on their blood or marriage to keep in touch. Priests in the name of Rose Goddess has the absolute right to rule. They are leaders, political leaders, judges, and executioner Dark Elf society.

    Almost all of the Dark Elves are dedicated to the Rose family shrine, or at least the image of a spider or Rose Elf statue. Rose Shrine bigger generally built as lying to the general image of the spider. They used to meet sacrifice, but also higher-order dark elves entertainment.

  • 2014-08-21Neverwinter gold occurrence event server fraudulent emergency maintenance
  • 2014-07-11There was magic dragon
  • 2014-07-08Neverwinter IRC Chat
  • 2014-06-24Announcing the Neverwinter Item Database!

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