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  • 2015-09-30Neverwinter: Fortress Siege Expansion start
  • Neverwinter is a further extension of the Internet to 16 September. Fortress Siege (his baptismal name) has launched a number of innovations like PVP combat, you will see 40 players compete determination to destroy the opposing team's clubhouse.

    Extensions provide the players involved include Fortress siege extended epic battles guild 20 pairs 20 is similar seventh, and the introduction of a large number ofPvP combat in high-altitude flight battle reminiscent of the best MOBAs.

    Specifically, therefore, the seat of the fortress is situated in an area the size of two fort combination, doubles the battlefield. The seat also represents the largest game board. As a result, the player is entitled to 3-way area suitable for fighting guild 20 pairs of 20, where the goal is to fashion besieged and destroyed the opposite Hall.

    Also recall Neverwinter MMORPG action is a dynamic combat free-to-play and dungeons.Players are expected to explore the city Neverwinter and prevent many of the enemy. The game is available for Windows PC and Xbox (free, gold subscribers other platforms) on.

  • 2015-09-09Elemental Evil Neverwinter extended to Xbox brought changes September 8
  • Neverwinter is a game based on the popular board game Dungeons and Dragons, and by secret studio for the PC and Xbox a developed.

    According to The Christian Post, Neverwinter: Elemental Evil expansion will announce the expansion of 8 September will be the game, which is a version of Xbox released earlier this year.

    Christian Post that evil elements combine to expand from before the announcement of the game's PC version of all four expansion content.

    These four extensions are evil elements Feywild, Shadowmantle Wrath and expansion Icewind Dale curse, IGN reported.

    With the expansion, he said the goal of the game, the game will get a new character class: the Oathbound Paladin. The Oathbound Paladin will join the already existing pastor, wizards, weapons and fighters, guard soldiers and thieves Trickster class.

    Goal of the game is also reported that the game will be added to the new winter adventure activity area, as well as four terminals and the game's dungeon by the evil element extension.

    Play Area adds, Oathbound Paladin will two subclasses: Healer or guardian fighter, which is known as a tank MMORPG world.

    In addition to the new category, Game Center, said the expansion will also launch the patch to the achievements of the game's features, but also will raise the level cap to expand 70 60 will also increase the maximum level of the game in all occupations, as well as for the introduction of change Voting multiplayer part to play system, improve the quality cap legend companions.


  • 2015-08-28Buy Gold and Diamonds on PC or XBOX ONE
  • 2014-11-272X Seals Weekend Now Live!
  • 2014-11-21Get 25% off Dragonborn Legend Pack and More!
  • 2014-11-14Poking Stick Entirely on the Wondrous Bazaar

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